Orbit Logistics has developed a comprehensive Logistics Management System (LMS) – WebTrack.

This product allows our customers to follow their shipment form booking to delivery Into Store. You will be able to upload/download all shipping data in the logistics chain. The system is linked directly to the Operational Systems of Orbit Logistics and provides a single platform for the distribution of logistics information.

Our user friendly system will support both large and small suppliers with the ability to tailor solutions specific to each individual customers’ needs. Furthermore, the system does not require system to system IT support.

The system allows you to create key performance platforms for the entire logistics supply chain and can allow all parties within the supply chain to view/receive purchase order information.

The system also allows you to create different security levels thus allowing you to control access levels according to position and role within the supply chain.

This LMS works on an “exception” basis ie/ if shipped goods are on time for delivery then you will receive a report as part of the monthly KPI review.

At Orbit Logistics, we pride ourselves on our ability to recognise every customer is different and so are their needs, thus requiring our solutions to be flexible.

We will work with you to provide you information services that will create more visibility to your supply chain.